Erectile Dysfunction in your 30s

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Amanda Barge

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when you can’t get or stay hard. It can happen when you’re having sex or during masturbation (solo sex).

Unfortunately, loads of people think ED only happens to older men. You should know upfront – this isn’t true. 

If you’ve got erection problems at 30, you’re probably full of questions and concerns. Fear not, we’ve consulted our expert team of doctors and psychosexual therapists, so you can get solid answers (and buckets of reassurance).

We’ll be covering:

Can you have ED at 30?

Yes, you can have erectile dysfunction at 30. We understand dealing with erectile dysfunction in your 30s can feel worrying, but you should know you’re not alone – and it’s way more common than you’d think. 

How common is erectile dysfunction in your 30s?

Half (50%) of men aged 30 to 39 said they’ve experienced difficulties getting or maintaining erections. This makes men in their 30s more likely to have ED than any other age group.

So, if you felt like you were struggling through this problem alone, you should know that nothing could be further from the truth. Half your mates are probably also thinking: “I can’t stay hard in my 30s, this isn’t normal.”

Signs of erectile dysfunction in your 30s

No matter what age you are, the signs and symptoms of ED stay pretty much the same. 

Typical symptoms of ED include:

  • not being able to get hard at all
  • getting erections that go soft during sex or when masturbating
  • erections not being as hard as you’d like for sex

We know these symptoms can be devastating to live with – but most men will experience them at some point, and there’s loads of effective treatments available to fix the problem.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in your 30s

ED can be caused by a massive range of psychological, physical, and lifestyle-related factors. And there are certain risk factors that can make ED more likely. 

When looking specifically at what can cause erectile dysfunction at 30, we’ll be focusing on psychological and lifestyle-related factors, because these are probably the source of your erections issues in your 30s. 

Even though your ED problems are likely psychological, we tend to recommend going to see your doctor anyway, just to rule out any underlying physical problems. 

Some psychological causes of ED in your 30s

Life stressors

The causes of erectile dysfunction in your early 30s could be seriously different from those in your late 30s. But a whopping half (49%) of men with ED in their 30s say that stress is the source of the issue. 

In your 30s, you could be:

  • trying to start or grow a family
  • getting into a serious relationship or getting married
  • paying rent or trying to buy a home
  • working on building your career
  • noticing changes in your body – like getting grays, losing your hair, or putting on weight more easily
  • handling more responsibilities than you were in your 20s
  • coming to terms with the fact that your social life is changing, and seeing your friends less as they start to ‘settle down’
  • coping with your parents getting older

Or, you might not be at the stage where you’re looking to buy a house, get married, or start a family – and the societal pressure to get a move on with these things could also be getting to you. 

“Things that happen outside the bedroom can seriously impact your erections. Periods of high stress make ED much more likely.”

Dr Matthew Chan, medical doctor

Hear from other guys with ED in their 30s, to see what’s putting stress on their erections. 

Dad drama & performance anxiety 

A study found that the average age to become a dad is 30.9 in the USA. So, it’s safe to assume that when guys hit 30, there can be an expectation of starting a family.

Trying to conceive can add a whole new type of pressure to sex, and it could lead to sexual performance anxiety. Plenty of men in our anonymous community have opened up about this experience.

“I had performance anxiety a bit before trying for baby, but it has become so much worse now. We used to be able to work through it, but recently has been the first time we had to knock it on the head for the night and admit defeat.”

Anonymous mojo user

Porn predicaments

If you’re currently in your 30s, it’s likely you were watching porn online through your teens and 20s.

We aren’t against adult entertainment, but we know that an unhealthy relationship with porn can definitely fuel sexual issues, such as performance anxiety and ED. 

Age anxiety

When you hit 30, it’s normal to freak out about your age a little. For the record – we don’t think men in their 30s are old. And, if you are concerned about seeing your body change as you get older, remember that the average age of the ‘world’s sexiest men’ is 38.

But, we do understand that seeing a beer belly pop up, or your hairline start to recede, can be enough to start an age anxiety spiral. 

Some lifestyle-related causes of ED in your 30s

Party mode

While some men in their 30s are preoccupied with changing nappies or doing the school run, plenty of others are still partying hard. 

After stress, men in their 30s reckon alcohol is the most likely cause of their erection problems, with nearly a quarter (24%) blaming drinking too much alcohol as a primary cause of their ED.

Dating digitally

Dating apps are more popular than ever – especially among people aged 25 to 34. 

Meeting people in this way, particularly for casual sex or hook-ups, can make it harder to get an erection, as you might not get a chance to properly get to know each other before getting down to it. 

“Before dating apps, you would have met friends of friends, but now you really are meeting total strangers and expecting yourself to be able to have sex with them. You might just be asking too much of yourself and your penis.”

Amanda Barge, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

Sudden erectile dysfunction at 30 years old

If your ED has come on suddenly, it could be down to any of the big life changes that happen around the time you turn 30 (we just covered these).

“So much change happens around the time you turn 30. Between mortgages, commitment in relationships, and realizing the reality of aging, it can be a stressful time. When all this hits you at once, you could experience sudden ED.” 

Amanda Barge, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

Erectile dysfunction in your 30s: treatment

Treatment for psychological ED in your 30s

  • Open up (anonymously, if you want): Opening up to our anonymous community has helped countless guys in their 30s. You’ll know you’ve got support whenever you need it – and you’ll hear exactly how other guys your age have overcome their issues
  • Mojo Connect: On our live video calls, you’ll get the chance to pick up specific advice from other young guys who have dealt with the struggles of their 30s and the impact on their erections. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to vent to people who genuinely get it. Don’t worry, the webcam can stay off the whole time 
“I felt a huge relief to know that this is a more common occurrence than I thought and to know that I’m not just crazy. It was very relieving to learn the science behind what I’m experiencing and to be reassured that I have the power to take back control. I immediately felt a glimmer of hope which is something I thought I had completely lost.”

Clay, 30, Mojo user
“I use Mojo because it provides you with information and tools to cure your ED and not just give you a temporary solution.”

Jonathan, 34, Mojo user

Lifestyle choices that could help with ED in your 30s

  • getting enough sleep (if possible – we know screaming babies can make this one feel like a pipe dream)
  • cutting down on alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs (sorry to dampen the fun) 
  • staying away from steroids
  • eating a balanced diet – there are even certain foods that could help your erections
  • keeping fit
  • taking care of your mental health
  • keeping an eye on your BMI

We’re not saying you need to become a health nut when you turn 30, but these changes can seriously strengthen your boners.

Treatment for physical ED in your 30s

If you have an underlying medical condition that’s causing ED, your doctor will take charge of the treatment – so we’ll leave them to it. If you’re curious about what they might suggest, click here. 

Mojo has helped hundreds of men in their 30s overcome ED – from new dad stress to sexual performance anxiety, we’ve helped guys tackle it all and reclaim their erections. Our trial is here whenever you’re ready to take action.

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