Something’s terribly wrong with the way healthy young men try to fix erection issues. And Mojo’s on a mission to fix that.

“Erection medication companies are happy to sell to perfectly healthy men, rather than solving the real underlying problem, their sexual wellbeing. We do things differently.”

Angus & Xander, Mojo founders

Luke overcame his erection issues by working with his partner.

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get or stay hard?

Back in 2018, we admitted to each other that we’d been thinking the exact same thing.

As fit, healthy men, why were we struggling with our erections and sexual confidence?

We were sick of being bombarded by adverts for erection medication and knew pills would make the situation worse. There had to be an alternative.

Finding the real solution became our obsession. So we spoke to as many experts as we could.

Mojo is created by experts

Murray Blacket a psychosexual therapist
Dr Murray Blacket
Psychosexual therapist
Kate Moyle psychosexual therapist
Kate Moyle
Psychosexual therapist
Georgie Adams pelvic health physiotherapist
Georgie Adams
Pelvic physiotherapist
Silva Neves psychosexual therapist
Silva Neves
Psychosexual therapist
Amanda Barge psychosexual therapist
Amanda Barge
Psychosexual therapist
Murray Blacket a psychosexual therapist
Dr Murray Blacket
Psychosexual therapist
Kate Moyle psychosexual therapist
Kate Moyle
Psychosexual therapist
Georgie Adams pelvic health physiotherapist
Georgie Adams
Pelvic physiotherapist
Silva Neves psychosexual therapist
Silva Neves
Psychosexual therapist
Amanda Barge psychosexual therapist
Amanda Barge
Psychosexual therapist
Meet Mojo's experts

Our experts taught us 6 things every man should know about erection issues

Erection issues affect young guys too. In fact, most of our 250,000 members are under 30.
85% of erection issues in men under 40 are totally psychological (this means it’s nothing to do with testosterone levels).
Erection medications aren’t made for psychological erection issues. In fact, they might make the situation worse.
Porn can affect your erection issues, but is often not the root cause.
Poor sexual wellbeing is the root cause of psychological sexual issues.
75% of men struggling with erection issues never seek any help. So well done!

Sex Therapists had the answer

We found that psychologists and sex therapists had the solution — improving your sexual wellbeing.

Working on your sexual wellbeing like you might work on your mental wellbeing has been getting results in clinics for more than 50 years. But nobody seemed to realize this niche industry existed.

So we spent the past 5 years working with experts and 1000s of men to create an app dedicated to solving psychological erection issues by elevating sexual wellbeing.

We now have 250,000+ members in over 150 countries and have the highest rating of any erection issue solution on Trustpilot.

What Mojo does completely differently

Graph showing how Mojo's results

Sexual wellbeing is the only way to overcome erection issues for good. This realization was a life-changing moment for our founders. But what is sexual wellbeing?

Think of it this way, when you don’t invest in your physical wellbeing you get out of shape or injured. When you don’t invest in your mental wellbeing you can become anxious, low, or depressed. When you don’t invest in your sexual wellbeing, you struggle with bedroom confidence, your erections, or your ability to connect.

Graph showing how Mojo's results

Mojo has everything you need in one place

Access to the world’s leading experts

Learn from doctors, therapists, and sexperts in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, with video and

Tools to measure and track your sexual wellbeing

Things that get measured get managed. We’ll help you measure your current sexual wellbeing and track your progress to taking back control of your erections.

Easy and effective exercises

Build your sexual wellbeing with expert designed exercises that are easy to do. All you need are some earbuds and an open mind.

Therapy trade secrets

Listen to real-life therapy sessions between leading therapists and guys just like you. Discover fresh insights and learn tips and tricks that you can apply in your own relationships.

Supportive community

Connect with guys through our forums and hear how they built sexual wellbeing into their own lives and became confident in the bedroom.

Recommended by doctors and therapists

Ramesh Krishnan urologist
“Mojo is a great way to get patients the help they need easily. I also strongly believe that the program Mojo offers will have a positive lasting result for patients with psychological ED."

Dr Ramesh Krishnan, urologist and medical doctor

Roberta Babb clinical psychotherapist
"I have recommended Mojo to my clients as a way of helping them to take control of their difficulties.

Dr Roberta Babb, clinical psychologist and sex therapist

"I have loved the ethos of Mojo from day one, and believe we’ve got a lot of work to do to dismantle the harmful narratives around men’s sexuality."

Catriona Boffard, clinical sexologist & psychotherapist

Hannen Khan sex, intimacy & embodiment educator
"Initially introduced by a friend to the CEO, Angus, I was able to get a feel for the Mojo app. I love the user experience, how freakin’ impactful the content is, and the way it’s delivered in such a balanced way (with both nerdy theory and practical integration)."

Haneen Khan, sex and relationship coach

Matthew Chan medical doctor
“Mojo is tackling a far-reaching social issue. I saw many people with ED while working as a doctor. So I'm glad to be part of this movement of quality education and tools to deal with erection issues.”

Dr Matthew Chan, medical doctor & medical advisor for Mojo

The science behind our results

Cognitive restructuring

Rewire your thoughts and beliefs and eliminate psychological blocks standing in the way of getting an erection.

Stimulus control

Control triggers in your environment to set yourself up for success every time you have sex.

Sensate focus

This touch-based training gets you out of your head and focused on pleasure.

Sex skills

Be extra confident in your abilities to give and receive pleasure to eliminate worries about sexual performance.

Sexual intelligence

Expand your awareness of what great sex is all about and the science behind erection issues.

How it works

Take our quiz to get instant access to your sexual wellbeing score.

Learn how to overcome erection issues with audio and video courses.

Add sexual wellbeing exercises to your daily routine to take back control of your erections and have more confidence in the bedroom.

Over 250,000 members in 115 countries

Our members tell us the hardest part of getting started is believing the app will work for them.

Mojo works for men with psychological erection issues no matter how old you are or how long you’ve been struggling.

Everyone’s triggers and experiences are unique. But if it’s psychological, we can help.

Affordable accessible reliable

Cost effective

No need to pay for expensive appointments or medications. Using Mojo costs less than your monthly gym membership.

Start today

No waiting for consultations, approval or delivery. You can start your program in the next few minutes.

Don’t take our word for it

Try Mojo for free, no strings attached. If within 7 days you decide not to continue, cancel anytime and you won’t be charged.

Start a 7-day free trial and here’s what we promise

Get results

You'll see results in the first 7 days and know that you are on the right track.

Cancel anytime

If you’re not satisfied, easily cancel your membership anytime, anywhere.

Get answers and advice from support

Our support team is on hand to get you the answers you need.

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