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Psychologists and psychosexual therapists have the solution. So we created this program with them so you can overcome your erection issues.

Pill-free and long-term

Mojo uses science and psychology to give you natural control of your erections and long-lasting results.

85% of men helped in 2 weeks

After just 2 weeks on Mojo, 85% feel better and know what they need to do to overcome erection issues.

What we’ve learned about ED

ED happens to all men

Erection issues affect all men at some point. We just don’t usually talk about it. By the year 2025, the number of ED cases across the world is expected to reach 322 million.1

It affects young guys too

Nearly half of men will have struggled with erection issues by the age of 30.2

ED isn’t always physical

A lot of perfectly healthy guys don’t realize that their erection issues are psychological, not physical.

Porn can be problematic

Porn can give you unrealistic expectations of sex and lead to performance anxiety and ED.3

Porn isn’t the root cause of ED

Sexology research tells us that though there is a high correlation between erection issues and porn usage, it is not the root cause of ED. So cutting it out may not help.

Pills can make psychological ED worse

ED meds are not designed for performance anxiety or psychological erection issues. They can make your ED worse by making you reliant on them.

Pills aren’t a long-term solution

ED pills can help in the short-term. But they don’t help prevent ED. And they don’t get to the root of the problem.4

You can overcome ED without pills or pumps

The good news? There’s a way to rewire your mind to overcome ED. And it’s endorsed by medical doctors, psychosexual therapists, and psychologists.

What you’ll get from the program

Mojo has all the resources and exercises you need to start working on your erection issues.

Start your program today

Practical solutions that fit with your schedule

You can go through Mojo's courses at your own pace. What matters is that you learn the experts' advice and apply the techniques. But the amount of time you spend on Mojo is up to you.

Confidence you’re using something backed by experts

Your digital program is based on psychology. This means you can overcome anxious thoughts about sex to get erections naturally.

Membership in our supportive community

You can take part in optional group sessions or our anonymous community forum. Peer support relieves stress and gives you the confidence that you’re going to get over this issue too.

How Mojo works

Taken from leading sex therapists' treatment plans, we help you restructure 5 key areas of sexual confidence to change the way you think, control your body, and overcome erection issues for good.

Cognitive restructuring

Control thoughts and remove psychological blocks so you can get and stay hard.

Sensate focus

This touch-based training gets you out of your head and focused on the pleasurable side of sex.

Sexual intelligence

We make sure you know everything you need to know about sex and erections.

Stimulus control

Control triggers and set yourself up for success every time you have sex.

Sex skills

Be confident in your abilities to give and receive pleasure.

Mojo's experts

Mojo is created and recommended by some of the world’s leading therapists, medical doctors, physiotherapists nutritionists, and mindset coaches.

See our experts
Silva Neves
Psychosexual therapist
Georgie Adams
Pelvic floor physiotherapist
Dr William Fowler
Medical doctor and urologist

"Getting patients to therapists who specialize in ED is difficult. Mojo is a great way to get patients the help they need easily. The program Mojo offers will have a positive lasting result for patients with psychological ED."

Dr Ramesh Krishnan, Urologist

“I have recommended Mojo to my clients as a way of helping them to take control of their difficulties, by learning more .”

Dr Roberta Babb, Clinical psychologist & sex therapist

Our experts are accredited by and members of the worlds leading institutions and governing bodies:


You’re in control

You get to decide when and where you work on your erection issues.


We keep your data secure and Mojo community profiles are optional and anonymous.

No nasty side effects

Mojo is pill-free, injection-free, and supplement-free, so you won’t experience unpleasant side effects.

Cost effective

No lifetime prescriptions, risky procedures, or expensive appointments.

No waiting times

No waiting lists to see medical professionals. You can start working on your erections today.

Cancel anytime

Easily cancel your membership when you no longer need Mojo.

Will Mojo work for me?


How does Mojo work

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Mojo packages up expert support to help you overcome your problems in the bedroom. We recognize that your issues might be psychological or physical, and we help you to:

  • learn with our expert-led video courses
  • improve your erections with our expert-recommended exercises
  • access real-life therapy podcasts and meditations
  • connect with experts and other guys who get it in our Community and live events

When you sign up for a Mojo membership, you get access to your first course, The Fundamentals. Then you can explore the meditations and podcasts and begin connecting with other members in our Community.

Is Mojo suitable for me?

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If you’re struggling with psychological or physical erection issues or just want to learn how to be confident in the bedroom, then Mojo is suitable for you.

We’re here for everyone regardless of their age, gender, or sexuality. You can sign up to Mojo from anywhere in the world.

How do I sign up for a 7-day free trial?

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You can sign up for your 7-day free trial to explore how Mojo works.

All you need to do is create an account, answer a few questions about your goals, and complete your payment setup. If you decide that Mojo is not for you right now, you can cancel your trial.

How long does it take for Mojo to work?

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The time it takes for Mojo to work may depend on how long you have had a problem and whether your problem is psychological or physical.

It might not be a quick fix, but many of our members tell us that they see  improvements in just a few days. 85% of guys feel supported within 2 weeks.

With help from Mojo, you can bring back natural erections and achieve a better state of overall mental health.

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