"Overcoming psychological erection issues can take time. But if you put the hard work in, the results will last."

Amanda Barge psychosexual therapist
Amanda Barge,
Psychosexual therapist

How exactly does Mojo work?

Mojo gives you the same information and exercises a sex therapist would give a guy with erection issues. Here’s how they help you get better erections.

Control your stress response

The theory boils down to this — if your brain can relax, your body can get an erection. From exposure techniques to learning how to control negative thoughts, Mojo has everything you need to get your brain back on your side.

Get in touch with good sexual cues

We’ll make sure you tap into your sexual potential so there are no more wasted opportunities. Our expert-crafted courses will help you boost your libido, upgrade your intimacy, and stop depending on old masturbation habits or fantasies to get hard or cum.

Put it into practice in the bedroom

You'll translate your new sexual confidence into the bedroom with arousal exercises, sex skills, and communication techniques. Whether you have a steady partner or you’re still dating, we’ll help you perform with confidence.

Not sure exactly what you’re dealing with?

We can help. Take our test to find out your erection score and how you can improve it.

Stay on track with the Mojo app

Expert designed techniques

Mock up of the mojo app exercises on an iPhone.

Interactive courses

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Support from other guys like you

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Does it work?

A member named Cian who had success with Mojo

“Mojo has helped me reframe so many negative thoughts around sex”

Cian, 29
Member interview

Years of struggling fixed in a month

I subscribed to this service having experienced ED problems for a number of years.  I only needed to use the service for a month or so before I overcame my problem, but I found it a rewarding and benevolent platform to use. My fellow participants were very empathetic, and it's very well managed by Angus and his team.

Que Vida

This site provides excellent material to help understand the psychological issues behind ED, and how to refocus and destress to allow greater performance.......Highly recommend over taking a pill, which is a short-term aid, but shouldn't be a long-term fix.

Jeff, member from the US

Recommended by doctors and therapists

Ramesh Krishnan urologist
“Mojo is a great way to get patients the help they need easily. I also strongly believe that the program Mojo offers will have a positive lasting result for patients with psychological ED."

Dr Ramesh Krishnan, urologist and medical doctor

Roberta Babb clinical psychotherapist
"I have recommended Mojo to my clients as a way of helping them to take control of their difficulties.

Dr Roberta Babb, clinical psychologist and sex therapist

Catriona Boffard, clinical sexologist & psychotherapist
"I have loved the ethos of Mojo from day one, and believe we’ve got a lot of work to do to dismantle the harmful narratives around men’s sexuality."

Catriona Boffard, clinical sexologist & psychotherapist

Hannen Khan sex, intimacy & embodiment educator
"Initially introduced by a friend to the CEO, Angus, I was able to get a feel for the Mojo app. I love the user experience, how freakin’ impactful the content is, and the way it’s delivered in such a balanced way (with both nerdy theory and practical integration)."

Haneen Khan, sex and relationship coach

Matthew Chan medical doctor
“Mojo is tackling a far-reaching social issue. I saw many people with ED while working as a doctor. So I'm glad to be part of this movement of quality education and tools to deal with erection issues.”

Dr Matthew Chan, medical doctor & medical advisor for Mojo

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