Our experts

Amanda Barge
Psychosexual and relationship therapist

Accredited by the BACP and registered with COSRT, Amanda has extensive training in Emotion Focused Therapy. Running her private practice in Scotland, she works with individuals and couples.

Catriona Boffard
Clinical sexologist and psychotherapist

Accredited therapist and sexuality researcher currently undertaking a PhD in psychotherapy. Catriona's passion lies in helping people change their relationships with sex from performance and pressure to pleasure and permission.

Dr Amani Zarroug
Clinical psychologist, psychosexual and relationship therapist

After studying cognitive neuropsychology and achieving a PhD clinical psychology, Amani has worked in the field since 2000. She enjoys working with individuals and couples to improve the quality of their relationships and their sexual satisfaction.

Dr Matthew Chan
Medical doctor and medical advisor for Mojo

Medical doctor with experience in healthtech innovation. Matthew has a passion for improving the impact of healthcare systems, with a particular interest in digital health and data-driven solutions.

Dr Roberta Babb
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

With a PhD in clinical psychology and an MSc in forensic psychology, Roberta now works across therapy, wellness coaching, therapy supervision, and reflective practice.

Dr William Fowler

Specialist registrar practicing in Newcastle, England. As a surgeon he is regularly approached by men struggling with erection issues. He's passionate about non-medication solutions for men struggling with psychological erection issues.

Dylan Salamon
Master trainer

Coach, personal trainer, and professional yogi. Now the director of Hasta World and Down to Flow, Dylan is passionate about using the body to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Haneen Khan
Sex and relationship coach

Lawyer turned sex and intimacy coach, Haneen is trained in Internal Family Systems, psychotherapy and counseling, and tantra. Founder of the Sex Homework Society, she helps couples elevate their sex lives.

Kate Moyle
Psychosexual and relationship therapist

Qualified psycho-sexologist with a diploma in integrative psychosexual therapy. Cofounder of the Thought House Partnership Therapy Practice and avid supporter of sextech.

Mike Richards
Meditation coach

Accredited meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation. As well as offering one-to-one training and corporate wellness courses, Mike wrote Mojo’s erection-specific meditation series.

Murray Blacket
Psychosexual and relationship therapist

An ex-marketing executive and journalist turned psychotherapist. Now accredited by COSRT and working on his PhD in male sexuality, he runs a private practice in central London.

Silva Neves
Psychosexual and relationship therapist

Celebrated author, course director at CICS, accredited by COSRT, and registered with UKCP. Silva specializes in compulsive sexual behaviors and works with men struggling with porn issues on the Mojo podcast series.

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