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Dr Matthew Chan

Limp dick (also known as limp dick syndrome) is a slang term used for erectile dysfunction.

We can appreciate the creative genius behind these types of erectile dysfunction nicknames. Stifficulty, sick wood, cold spaghetti, limber timber, floppy jalopy, and wangxiety. The list goes on.

But, talking about erection issues is a pretty taboo subject – with 75% of ED sufferers never opening up about it. So, for the record, when we do talk about the subject here at Mojo, we tend to avoid any slang names, and prefer using the correct medical term: erectile dysfunction (or ED for short).

With that said, it’s recently come to our attention that there are loads of men out there searching for information specifically about ‘limp dick’. So today we’re making an exception, and will be answering your burning questions related to limp dick in this post. 

We’ll be covering:

What is limp dick?

Limp dick means you can’t get or keep an erection. It can happen with a partner or during masturbation (solo sex).

What causes limp dick?

Some psychological causes of limp dick:

Some physical causes of limp dick: 

  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • narrowing of the penis blood vessels
  • hormone issues
  • side effects from prescribed medicine
  • diabetes
  • injury or damage to nerves or arteries
  • pelvic floor being too tight or too weak

Lifestyle choices that could cause limp dick (and lead to physical or psychological issues): 

  • smoking cigarettes 
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • drug usage, such as cocaine use
  • not getting enough sleep
  • excessive cycling (we know this sounds like a weird one, but it can cause damage to nerves or arteries)

If you want to know more about the causes of limp dick, you can read our full ED causes post here.

And if you’re still trying to figure out if your ED is psychological or physical, we’ve got a deep dive on that, too.

Why do I have limp dick? (the diagnosis)

Now you know what can cause limp dick in general, it’s time to figure out what’s causing your erection issues. 

Treatment for limp dick varies based on whether it’s being caused by psychological, physical, or lifestyle-based factors. 

“Treatments for ED really work, and they can range from doing more exercise to talking to a therapist. The first step to getting better is getting to the bottom of what’s causing the issues.”

Dr Matthew Chan, Medical Doctor

Here are a couple of ways to figure out what’s going on down there.

Bring in the professionals

Limp dick can be a sign of other health issues. So, you should see your doctor or visit a sexual health clinic to rule out anything physical.

If it turns out there’s nothing physically wrong, then you know your erection problems are probably psychological, and Mojo can help you take it from there. 

Observation mode

When it comes to limp dick, just observing your erections can help you figure out if your problem is physical or psychological. 

For example, if you can get and stay hard when masturbating, but you get a limp dick during sex with partners, your erection issues are more likely to be psychological. 

Or, if you wake up in the morning pitching a tent but your dick goes limp during sexual situations, there’s probably nothing physically wrong.

“Notice if you’re waking up with morning erections. Healthy men get around 3 to 5 erections each night in their sleep.

If this is still happening to you, then your penis physically works, which is great news.

However, it could then suggest that your erection problems may be psychological.”

Dr Roberta Babb, Clinical Psychologist 

How to fix a limp dick (the treatment) 

Once you’ve figured out if your erection issues are physical or psychological, you have plenty of options for how to treat the issue.

Although ED pills such as Viagra might feel like the only option, there are actually loads of natural, pill-free ways to help with getting and staying hard. 

Treatment for psychological limp dick

Not to toot our own horn here, but we’re experts in how to treat psychological ED. And we’ve already helped thousands of men transform their sex lives.  

So, we’ve compiled this nifty list, so you can see what you can do by yourself to help your erections, and what’s available if you’re ready to talk about it. 

“The brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body. Thoughts trigger a physical reaction which preps the body for sex. 

Your mind is a key (but often overlooked) part of the process. But Mojo’s courses can help you overcome these psychological problems and get great erections.”

Silva Neves, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

Tools to try on your own

  • Watch or listen to our psychosexual therapy sessions and podcasts

You can tune in to hear expert advice from professionals, and listen to real men share their experiences with ED.

You get access to listen in on full disclosure video interviews with real men here.

  • Erection training

Our exercises can help you tune into your body, strengthen your erections, vary your masturbation routine, and rebalance your relationship with porn. 

We have plenty of challenges lined up, so you can feel more confident in the bedroom.

Community support

  • Open up (anonymously, if you want to)  

Mojo’s anonymous online community forum is designed to let you connect with other guys who have experienced ED. 

  • Mojo Connect

We host live video calls to give you the opportunity to talk to other men who have dealt with erection problems and can share tips and advice. 

Don’t panic, you can keep your webcam off the whole time if you want to. But these calls are a great place to get support and hear success stories from guys who have also had limp dicks.  

You can sign up to check out Mojo Connect here.

“It’s really helpful to hear other stories and take the pressure off. I have been able to enjoy sex more, and am more present.”

Treatment for physical limp dick

If you have an underlying health condition that’s impacting your erections, the following treatments can help you get your erections back on track:

  • Exercises
  • Physiotherapy
  • Good lifestyle choices
  • Surgery 

Or, if you want a one-off erection on demand, the following tools could be an option: 

  • Medication (like ED pills)
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Cockrings
  • Penis injections

Ask your doctor and they’ll recommend specific treatment that’s right for you. 

“Don’t stress out or be embarrassed, your doctor has seen so many penises of all shapes and sizes.

A doctor examining a penis is like a barista serving coffee – it’s part of the job description, and it’s really not a big deal.”

Dr Matthew Chan, Medical Doctor

And don’t forget, often a limp dick originally stemming from something physical, can easily lead to a psychological problem. If this has happened to you, Mojo is here to help

Lifestyle changes to improve limp dick

Your body, mind, and penis are all connected. This is why certain lifestyle choices will help to keep you healthy (physically and mentally), and help you get and stay hard as a result. 

These lifestyle decisions can not only improve your erections, but could also help you to avoid limp dick in the first place. Read on to find out more. 

How to avoid limp dick 

Let’s talk erection protection. 

All those ‘healthy lifestyle’ rumors above are completely true. 

If you want to help prevent limp dick, you should try:

  • cutting down on cigarettes, recreational drugs, and alcohol
  • staying active
  • getting enough sleep
  • exercising
  • eating a balanced diet. There are even specific foods that could boost your boners
  • looking after your mental health
  • keeping an eye on your BMI
  • avoiding steroids

If you want to make sure your lifestyle is erection-friendly, we’ve compiled this in-depth guide on how to prevent ED. 

Our limp dick low-down

Dealing with a limp dick can be devastating – but learning more about what it is and what causes it is a great place to start. So, if you got this far you’re already nailing it.

With Mojo’s trial, you’ll get access to an erection program that includes expert guidance from top doctors and therapists, as well as clinically proven exercises for limp dicks. Sounds pretty good, right?

And remember, even though erection issues are personal, you don’t have to go it alone. Mojo’s anonymous community is here if you want to talk and read about how other men have solved their limp dick issues.

Mojo aims to provide useful wellbeing resources to its users; however, you should not solely rely on opinions or advice available on the Website or given by the Community. Always seek advice from a qualified medical doctor or other healthcare professional before acting.

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