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Only a week in seeing improvement

I am only a week in and have already seen improvement, I am super happy with the small successes to date.

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I used it, it’s not a scam , loads of good advice, videos and lectures by professionals, it really is for psychological ED but if that is what your problem is I would recommend it, it cost me £49 but as it fixed my ED it was the best 49 quid I ever spent, good luck I hope it works for you 👍

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I’ve had years of ED, relationship issues, and a poor relationship with sex. But I started using MOJO back in July/August... Progress was slow at first and there were setbacks here and there. But I’ve basically been ED free since the new year and like you my sexual confidence is so much better than it’s ever been.Mojo has really been life changing, I’ve been hiding from these issues for years and I finally feel like I have the tools to deal with them.

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After 2/3 weeks of using Mojo Eire was able to use the lessons to recover from going soft

“Been using it for 2/3 weeks after a run of ONSs that didn’t go exactly as planned. Just did the business there, first time since using mojo. I began to go soft before penetration and followed the lessons I have learned on the course.


More confidence

“My sexual confidence is much better than it’s ever been”

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Confidence and hope at an all time low after multiple failed one night stands to finally having sex again

After multiple unsuccessful ONS, and multiple unsuccessful nights with my current partner, last night I finally had sex again. This came after my self esteem, confidence and hope was at (what might of been)an all time low just a matter of a few weeks/months ago.

Mojo really does work if you 100 percent trust and believe the process. The absolute most important part of the process I found was the mindfulness aspect of the course taught through the meditations. I realized that I didn’t have a physical problem, and that my anxiety about sex and getting it up was itself the interfering factor.

The mindfulness tools I was taught helped me loosen the grip of the negative and anxious thoughts I experienced, wholly because of the learnt awareness which enabled me to navigate away from these thoughts to enjoy the present moment during sexual encounters.

In hindsight, I would not choose to change my experience with dealing with, and overcoming performance anxiety and psychological ED, . Perhaps because of it, I have been reminded of the significance of remaining present, vulnerability and communication in all aspects of life.

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Johnathon's confidence in getting an erection doubled after using Mojo.

*Taken from survey interview data

Bill built confidence through easy to follow advise

A really easy to follow website, breaking down subjects that are not easily spoken about into simple terms. Helps build confidence that you are not on your own or broken forever.


Better relationships .... even babies

Baby in a pram with a Mojo beanie hat on

I’ve found the content very helpful. Myself and my wife have been trying for a baby and I was struggling with the pressure of performing to a schedule. The video on performance anxiety was particularly helpful. We are now expecting a baby which is exciting!

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Mojo helped our relationship issues inside and outside the bedroom

I didn’t realise how much my boyfriends problems were affecting me until we did Mojo together. We’re able to talk about sex way more openly now. Feels like it doesn’t just help with erection issues. Its about the whole relationship.


We are for all penises

Mojo has a great LGBTQ+ community

Do you struggle with psychological erectile dysfunction? So do I & I’m tired of being silent about it! I recently discovered @we.are.mojo (not a promotion at all) & have been blown away by the couple of courses I’ve taken so far! As gay men, we need community more than ever. It’s time we heal together ❤️

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Clay felt like he was back at high school failing to sleep with women when his erection issues resurfaced

Mojo has helped me to start to take back control of my life. I have learned some tools that help me build back my confidence in my body. I have found it much easier to just be in the moment and try to stop worrying about what will happen.

Clay, 30
LGBTQ+ member interview

My confidence in my erections has made me want to have sex more often and thus making my sex life more enjoyable

Johnathon, 34
LGBTQ+ member interview

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