If you’re 18-40 and struggling with ED, there’s an 85% chance your issues are completely psychological

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85% of erection issues in men aged 18-40 are completely psychological1

What are psychological erection issues?

Silva Neves is a psychosexual expert, author, and therapist. Watch the video to hear him explain the biology of psychological erection issues.

Not sure exactly what you’re dealing with?

We can help. Take our test to find out your erection score and how you can improve it.

How Mojo can help

To overcome your erection issues, you have to learn to control your fight-or-flight response. And that's where we come in.

Mojo's expert-led courses give you exercises from sex therapy without the therapist.

No side effects. No dependencies. Just better erections and a lifetime of confidence in the bedroom.

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Does it work?

A member named Cian who had success with Mojo

“Mojo has helped me reframe so many negative thoughts around sex”

Cian, 29
Member interview

Years of struggling fixed in a month

I subscribed to this service having experienced ED problems for a number of years.  I only needed to use the service for a month or so before I overcame my problem, but I found it a rewarding and benevolent platform to use. My fellow participants were very empathetic, and it's very well managed by Angus and his team.

Que Vida

This site provides excellent material to help understand the psychological issues behind ED, and how to refocus and destress to allow greater performance.......Highly recommend over taking a pill, which is a short-term aid, but shouldn't be a long-term fix.

Jeff, member from the US

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