Spells for erectile dysfunction: can you bewitch a boner?

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Dr Matthew Chan

The myth: erectile dysfunction spells can cure your ED
Mojo’s verdict: fiction (and don’t worry, they can’t cause ED either)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects more men than you might think – 150 million men worldwide have it.

Dealing with ED can be tough, and some men will try anything to fix the issue. This search for a fix can include turning to magic spells - with Google data¹ revealing that thousands of people are looking online to find spells to cure ED.

So, we thought it was time to myth-bust the magic.

Where the myth was born

Talk of sex magic has been around for a really long time – the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Celts are all thought to have used erotic spells. 

And sexual witchcraft practices have boomed in recent years. Witchcraft videos on TikTok (#witchtok) have collected over 27 billion views, and huge publications are covering how sex magic can help you manifest your dreams.

We’re not saying we know more about sex than all the ancient societies and the TikTok generation put together, but we are saying that at Mojo, we’re all about science. And we believe that scientific solutions for ED are much more tried and tested than turning to magic spells for your erections. 

If research ever backs up these magical practices, we’ll eat our witches' hats and get on the broomstick bandwagon. But for now, erectile dysfunction magic spells are off our agenda. 

Spells to fix erectile dysfunction: can they help?

“As doctors, we have no medical evidence that a spell or a charm could cure your ED issues, at least based on our understanding of the universe so far."

Matthew Chan, Medical Doctor 

There’s currently no scientific data to confirm that erectile dysfunction spells can fix your unreliable erections. In a nutshell: cauldron bubbles will not fix your boner troubles.

The power of the placebo 

However, we do understand the significance of the placebo effect. This means that taking any action that you believe can help a health issue, can go a long way in overcoming that health issue. 

A popular example of a placebo:

  • Taking a pill that you think has medicine in it, but it doesn’t actually have medicine in it
  • This pill can improve symptoms of an illness
  • However, this is a psychological placebo effect, as a result of you expecting the pill to work, rather than the pill containing medicine to physically treat your illness 
“Just believing that a treatment is working can make a huge psychological impact. It improves the way your brain and body work together, and can reduce unpleasant symptoms.

Anything that makes men feel more empowered and in control could reduce anxieties and improve psychological ED.”

Amanda Barge, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

So, if performing spells to cure impotence increases your confidence with your erections and in the bedroom, this could absolutely help boost your boners. This is because psychological factors like confidence play a huge part in your ability to get hard.

Treatment that works like a charm

If you’re looking for ED treatment with a proven track record guaranteed to help your erection problems, we’ve got a guide to help you find the best erectile dysfunction treatment for you. 

The key is to find out what could be causing your erection issues. It could be a physical or psychological problem. 

If it’s something physical 

Your best bet is to go see your doctor to find out if there are any physical issues throwing off your erections.

In most physical ED cases, there will also be a psychological element. You can find out more about this below. 

If it’s something psychological 

If the problem is psychological, Mojo has your back. 

We’re here if you want to:

  • Understand your sexual roadblocks and master your sex life: you can hear professional expertise in podcasts and recorded sex therapy sessions, so you can apply expert knowledge in the bedroom 
  • Improve your erections and your confidence: scientifically-backed techniques, including erection training exercises and sexual mindfulness tutorials, will allow you to feel self-assured in the bedroom 
  • Stop going it alone: vent and pick up tips from guys who have been where you are now, either on our anonymous community forum or on a live group video call (you can keep the camera off, don’t worry) 

We don’t use potions to magic away the ED, we have techniques designed by medical and psychosexual experts – and we know they work.

You can find out more about what we can do for your erections here.

“When you’ve got ED, you’ll do anything to wave a magic wand and make it go away. It’s not quite that easy, but with a little work and some expert help, it’s absolutely possible to reclaim your erections.”

Xander, Mojo Founder

Spells to cause impotence 

If you’ve come here to find an erectile dysfunction hex spell to curse a man in your life with unreliable erections, we’re sorry to say you’ve come to the wrong place. Mojo is all about fixing ED, not inflicting it. 

Just like spells to fix ED, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that spells to cause ED have any effect. 

Bad news for those of you who’d like to get revenge, but great news for anyone who’s worried about being hexed by an ex. 

If your erections are unreliable and you’re concerned you’ve been cursed, take a look at some more common causes of erectile dysfunction first. Once you figure out what’s causing the problem, you’ll be able to take action. No magic necessary. 

Spells to cure impotence: conclusions from the cauldron 

Unfortunately, charms, spells, and potions are not viable solutions for erectile dysfunction. But it really is possible to get your wand in working order. Our trial is here if you want to ditch the magic and go for scientific solutions guaranteed to get your sex life on track. 

¹ Over 12,000 Google searches are conducted a year (average) related to ‘spells and erectile dysfunction’, SEMrush data, May 2022.

Mojo aims to provide useful wellbeing resources to its users; however, you should not solely rely on opinions or advice available on the Website or given by the Community. Always seek advice from a qualified medical doctor or other healthcare professional before acting.

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