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Nuts & erectile dysfunction: best nuts for ED

Written by Mojo, reviewed by Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Aron Hywel Snowsill, and Medical Doctor Dr Matthew Chan

Jar of nuts spilling out on a table.

The myth: nuts can help with erectile dysfunction
Mojo’s verdict: fact (but they won't help ED on their own, and eating nuts won't give you an instant erection!)

Indian brides and grooms are traditionally given nut milk on their wedding night as an aphrodisiac. And the Kama Sutra’s last chapter is less about sex positions, and more about sex nutrition – suggesting that almonds crushed in milk will increase libido and improve erections.

So, we’ve gathered our experts Nutritional therapist and naturopath, Aron Hywel Snowsill and Dr Matthew Chan to explain all the health benefits behind nuts, and to investigate whether nuts really can help your erectile dysfunction (ED):

Are nuts good for erectile dysfunction? 

In a nutshell (sorry about that one), nuts are good for erectile dysfunction. 

Certain nuts contain nutrients that can help improve your overall health, which can therefore contribute to good erectile health.

“But be aware that eating nuts alone won’t cure erectile dysfunction, and they also won’t give you an instant erection (as nice as that would be).”

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

Why are nuts good for erections?

Benefit 1: Cardiovascular and blood flow

To get and maintain an erection, blood has to flow to the penis and stay there. Clogged blood vessels prevent blood from reaching the penis, stopping you from having strong erections. 

Decreased blood flow can be caused by clogged arteries, high cholesterol levels, or hypertension (high blood pressure). 

“High blood pressure causes arteries to lose their elasticity, so they can’t cope with the rush of blood needed for an erection.

Hypertension can also affect veins, meaning that even if blood rushes to the penis it might exit just as fast – making it difficult to get or keep a boner.”

Dr Matthew Chan, Medical Doctor

L-arginine, Omega-3, and Magnesium in some nuts can help to improve blood flow, and can therefore help you enjoy better erections.


This amino acid relaxes blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. It may also play a role in reversing cholesterol levels. L-arginine has been shown in studies to improve ED. 

Top nuts that contain L-arginine:
Other nuts that contain L-arginine: 


Omega-3 fatty acids can help to lower blood pressure.

Top nuts that contain Omega-3:
Other nuts that contain Omega-3:


A Magnesium deficiency is associated with vasoconstriction (constriction of arteries stopping as much blood to travel through them). Eating nuts that contain a rich amount of Magnesium can help with vasodilation (opening arteries to allow blood to flow better.

Top nuts that contain Magnesium:
Other nuts that contain Magnesium: 

Benefit 2: Testosterone production and a libido boost

A key player for good erections is the hormone testosterone. Lower testosterone levels can cause low libido, which can result in erectile dysfunction. 

“Good sex hormone levels are needed for strong erections, as these hormones help regulate your sexual desire and function.”

Dr Matthew Chan, Medical Doctor

Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin E are found in several nuts and can help your body boost and regulate your testosterone production.

Zinc and healthy fats

Zinc and healthy fats both play an important role in testosterone production.

There are some vitamins and minerals we can't store, such as Zinc. By taking in certain nutrients daily, we can avoid any nutrient deficiencies that lead to low libido, and nuts just so happen to contain a lot of these important nutrients.

“Zinc deficiency associated with lowered testosterone levels. A deficiency in essential fatty acids may lead to a host of problems including lowered sexual function, as well as low energy levels, difficulty concentrating, and mental health difficulties.”

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

Top nuts that contain Zinc:

Other nuts that contain Zinc:


Selenium enhances the production of testosterone.

Top nuts that contain Selenium:

Other nuts that contain Selenium: 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also known as the ‘sex vitamin’. It regulates your sex hormones, giving a boost to your libido.

Top nuts that contain Vitamin E:

Other nuts that contain Vitamin E: 

Benefit 3: Energy level increases

If you’re feeling fatigued or low-energy, this can lead to a lower desire to have sex, and if your body is trying to rest and recover, it may de-prioritize sex. This can then lead to erection issues.

“In today's high-paced society we burn through a lot of our nutrients just to keep up. Eating foods like nuts to boost these nutrients and therefore our energy levels can go a long way to getting better erections.” 

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

Nuts that are high in protein can increase your energy levels and ultimately boost your boners:


Although protein’s main function is to build and repair cells in your body, it can also be used as an energy source. It takes longer to break down in the body than carbohydrates, so it can provide a longer-lasting supply of energy. 

Top nuts that contain protein: 

Benefit 4: Reducing anxiety and stress

General anxiety, sexual performance anxiety, and stress are all causes of psychological erectile dysfunction

Some vitamins, such as Vitamin B, can help reduce these feelings, which can help improve your erections.

Vitamin B

Top nuts that contain Vitamin B:

Other nuts that contain Vitamin B:

What nuts are good for erectile dysfunction? 

We know nuts that improve blood flow, contain essential nutrients and vitamins, and boost testosterone production are good for ED. 

We’ve compiled a list outlining 7 of the best nuts for ED below: 

Do pistachios help with ED?

Yes, pistachios help with erectile dysfunction.

Pistachios contain: 

In a 2019 study, a group of men who had been experiencing erectile dysfunction for over a year was given 100g of pistachios a day for 3 weeks. They all had significant improvements in their cholesterol levels, and reported a higher libido and improved erections.

All in all, this shows us that pistachios are good for ED. 

Are walnuts good for erectile dysfunction? 

Can walnuts help with erectile dysfunction? The answer is yes.

Walnuts contain:

These can all contribute to better erections, so men could feel the benefits of introducing walnuts into their diet if they're struggling with erectile dysfunction. 

“If you grab some walnuts, your penis could feel all the circulatory benefits. Good erections need good heart health and blood flow.”

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

Almonds for erectile dysfunction

You might be wondering about the link between almonds and erectile dysfunction. 

Well, almonds contain:

These health benefits can boost your erectile health, and therefore may help you with any erection issues.

Peanuts and erectile dysfunction

These are one of the most popular nuts, accounting for over two-thirds of all nut consumption.

Peanuts contain: 

These nutrients all help to strengthen your erections. Pass us the peanuts, please!

Cashew nuts for erectile dysfunction 

Cashew nuts contain:

 They can help with cardiovascular health, energy levels, and testosterone production – overall contributing to improved erectile health.

“A healthy cardiovascular system is important for sexual function, and eating cashews is an easy way to ensure you’re getting your magnesium.” 

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

Are brazil nuts good for erectile dysfunction?

Brazil nuts are one of the best nuts for erection improvement. That’s because they contain:

Aron has heard about the benefits of brazil nuts in improving his clients’ sex lives firsthand:

“I've had clients raving about brazil nuts for improved sexual function. Some of my clients’ partners have been feeding them brazil nuts, they’re enjoying the benefits that much!

My clients tend to see a positive effect from eating brazil nuts after 5 days.”

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

However, don’t overdo it with the brazil nuts. Stick to 3 nuts a day or you could exceed your recommended intake of selenium, which could lead to selenium toxicity. 

Pine nuts and erectile dysfunction 

These nuts have been called the 'vegan oyster' because of their potential as an aphrodisiac.

Pine nuts contain:

 It’s safe to say that pine nuts can not only boost your sex drive, but could also have health benefits to help with ED. 

Incorporating nuts into your diet

Here are some of Aron’s tips for adding more nuts into your diet to reap all of their racy rewards: 

And remember:

“Eating a healthy diet that includes nuts will contribute to good erectile health. But if the diet is filled with ultra-processed foods, sugar, and alcohol and is deficient in whole foods, vegetables and exercise then only eating nuts is extremely unlikely to offset these unhealthy behaviors.”

Aron Hywel Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath

ED treatments alongside nuts

Nuts can improve your erectile health and help with erection issues, but eating a handful of nuts isn’t going to cure your erectile dysfunction alone.

They should be incorporated into your diet, alongside treatment tailored to the specific root cause of your ED.

Treating physical and lifestyle causes of ED 

If you think your erection issues stem from physical or lifestyle reasons, check out our full ED treatment guide to find solutions alongside your handful of nuts. 

Treating psychological causes of ED 

Psychological ED is where your brain won’t let your body get it up. Sometimes even erectile dysfunction that starts as a physical or lifestyle cause, can plant a seed of doubt and lead to psychological ED.

Although some health benefits of nuts can help you tackle your psychological health, you’ll need other tools to overcome any mental barriers that you have around sex. 

You can combine your nut-filled diet with tools such as:

You can find out more about psychological ED treatments here.

If you’re curious, Mojo’s trial allows you to explore these psychological erection solutions (whilst munching on some brazil nuts).


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