Stinging nettles and erectile dysfunction

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The myth: stinging nettles can be used to cure or cause erectile dysfunction

Mojo’s verdict: myth. Consuming stinging nettles has health benefits that could improve your health, but it is not a cure or cause for ED. 

Stinging nettles, also known as common nettles, stingy nettles, or Urtica dioica if we’re being scientific about it, are found in nearly every country.(1) They are plants covered with tiny stinging hairs that have been used medicinally for centuries.(2) 

Research has found that nettles have “extraordinary” health properties(3) — but does this include curing or causing erectile dysfunction? Let’s find out. 

Part 1: Is using stinging nettles good for erectile dysfunction? 

No research has proved that stinging nettles are a cure for erectile dysfunction. Yet some research has suggested that consuming nettles has health benefits that could feed into better erectile health. 

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by:

Health benefits of stinging nettles 

Stinging nettles may have a role in reducing these causes if you have a deficiency in specific vitamins and minerals. However, nettles should only be used alongside treatments that are better researched as nettles probably don’t tackle the root of your erection issues. 

“There aren’t enough studies related to stinging nettles treating ED, but it is thought that nettles can complement modern medicine.” 

– Aron Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist

Improved heart health 

“Stinging nettles are high in vitamin C. As an anti-inflammatory compound, vitamin C promotes heart health, which is a key player in maintaining healthy erections.”

– Aron Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist

Improved overall physical health

Nettles contain manganese, a mineral that your body uses to absorb nutrients and support its immune system. 

“Manganese deficiency may be tied to metabolic diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, and atherosclerosis. All of which can impact erectile dysfunction.”

– Aron Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist

Reducing fatigue 

Stinging nettles contain 1.6mg of iron per 100g, which is 20% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA).(4) 

“Iron is essential in building red blood cells and, as a result, helps carry oxygen around the body. Iron deficiency is associated with anemia and fatigue. Anemia tends to be more common in women but can be relevant in men, particularly those on a plant-based diet.”

– Aron Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist

If you’re experiencing fatigue, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have enough potassium in your diet.

“A balance between potassium and sodium is important for maintaining consistent energy levels throughout the day. The Western diet is typically high in sodium, so it’s necessary to have potassium-rich foods regularly. Potassium deficiency is related to high blood pressure and fatigue.”

– Aron Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist

Improved mental health

A vitamin C deficiency is linked to depression, low mood, and fatigue(5) – factors that can affect your libido (sex drive) and cause ED. Nettles are a good source of vitamin C and can combat deficiency symptoms.

How to use stinging nettles for ED

Because nettles are packed with vitamins and minerals, they can also be used to treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They do not, however, directly treat or cure erectile dysfunction. 

We’d recommend going to the doctor to get to the bottom of your ED.

But if you want to improve your general health, you’re in luck. Both stinging nettle leaves and roots are full of nutrients, and Aron has shared his top tips for consuming them:

  • Store-bought teas and supplements — there are beneficial nutrients in both the root and leaf, so you can use both

  • Homemade tea — if nettles grow where you live, pick them (with gloves) and boil a pot of nettle tea to get the benefits. Aron adds a squeeze of lemon and a small teaspoon of honey for a revitalizing cup during fall

  • Soup — Aron recommends a delicious creamy nettle and leek soup, especially in winter

There are discussions on the internet about rubbing stinging nettles directly onto the penis to give yourself an erection. 

The tiny hairs on the plant that put the “sting” in stinging nettles typically cause burning, itching, and a rash. Needless to say, nothing you’d like on your penis. 

“There doesn’t seem to be any evidence to suggest rubbing nettles directly onto your penis will benefit your erections! I would not recommend applying stinging nettles to your penis.”

– Aron Snowsill, Nutritional Therapist

Proven treatments for erectile dysfunction

So now that we’ve established that while stinging nettles are good for you, they won’t be working miracles in the erection department, it’s time to look at what actually works. 

ED is caused by physical, psychological, or lifestyle reasons. Sometimes it’s caused by a combination of these factors. Whatever the cause of your ED, remember that it can be treated. You can start having the erections you want with proper treatment tailored to the root cause.

Most erectile dysfunction cases have a psychological element.(6) There are plenty of treatments available for psychological ED.

If you’re looking to scratch your itch for better erections, here at Mojo we’ve created an entire platform designed to help you overcome psychological erection problems.
Become more confident and have the erections you want by:

  • Strengthening your erections using our training exercises
  • Learning more about the root cause of your ED by accessing our therapy videos
  • Overcoming anxiety during sexual encounters by practicing our ED meditations
  • Feeling reassured, guided, and supported by our community

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Part 2: Can stinging nettles cause erectile dysfunction? 

If you’re consuming stinging nettles and experiencing erectile dysfunction, these two are not related. There’s nothing in stinging nettles that negatively affects your erections. Period.

In conclusion, don’t use pricks for your penis

Stinging nettles are great for your overall health, but nettles aren’t going to wave away your erection issues — nor will they cause erection issues. You’re going to need to treat the root of your issues.

Enjoy the plant’s health benefits by tucking into a cup of nettle tea. But enjoy better erections by completing Mojo’s treatment program at the same time. 


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