Wondering what's causing your issue?

Well if you're young, relatively fit and don't have underlying medical conditions, it's probably psychological. In fact, 50% of men in their 30s experience erection issues.  And the majority of Mojo members are young men.

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But what are psychological erection issues?

Watch Silva Neves, psychosexual and relationship therapist, explain the biology of psychological erection issues.

So to recap, worrying about your performance or remembering a past negative sexual experience triggers some sort of anxiety.

Our brains don't know the difference between this anxiety in the bedroom and real threats.

Because our brain thinks it could be preparing to wrestle a bear or run from a hungry lion a response called fight or flight is triggered.

When fight or flight is triggered, blood flows away from your penis so it's difficult to get or maintain an erection.

So how can Mojo help

If the reason you can’t get or keep an erection is psychological, you need a psychological solution. Not pills, injections, or weird diets.

With Mojo, you get the same exercises and actions sex therapists would give a guy with erection issues.

These techniques help you overcome anxious thoughts during sex, enjoy all the pleasure from sex, and make talking about sex easy so you can improve your bond with a partner. The result is sex without stress, stronger erections, and no more disappointment in the bedroom.

It can sound pretty “out there” that exercises can train your brain so much that they remove the mental blocks to getting an erection. That’s why we created Mojo courses. The courses teach you all the psychology and science you need to understand what will work for you and why.

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