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Mike Richards
Mike Richards meditation coach

Mike Richards

Meditation Coach

“Mojo’s online guided meditations for erections give a great introduction into the world of meditation, as well as how it can improve your sex life”


years' experience

Qualifications 🏅

  • British School of Meditation (BSoM, Distinction)
  • BA Politics from Bristol University
  • MSC International Relations from Bristol University

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Q&A with Mike Richards 

Mike Richards

Meditation Coach

Tell us a bit about you 

I’m a Meditation Coach, with a particular interest in teaching to corporations and organizations. 

By also working as an Economic and Political Risk Analyst for the past decade, I understand how stressful modern working life can be. And I can speak a language that resonates with ‘normal’ people, with busy working lives.

There will be no socks and sandals or incense candles when working with me. I teach meditation as a form of mind training, backed by neuroscience.

Meditation has been proven to lower stress levels and blood pressure, while improving concentration, focus, and sleep. And my aim is to help my clients realize these benefits.

Where are you from?


Tell us more about your role – what does your day look like?

My days start early, around 6am. I meditate for an hour, and then get down to writing political and economic research (which is my ‘other’ job).

Sporadically and throughout my day, I’ll teach meditation lessons online to individuals or organizations. I hope for more of these to be face-to-face again when the world allows it.

What is a quick and easy breathing exercise or meditation that someone could do before sex, if they were feeling anxious?

The “calm” meditation is one of the best ones you can do before sex, ideally as close to having sex as possible.

You close your eyes, and follow your breathing. You then repeat the word “calm” in your head, in time with the inhale and the exhale too.

Over time, your breathing and heart rate will naturally slow. You’ll move away from the “fight or flight” mode and towards the “feed and breed” (or ‘parasympathetic) mode, which not only relaxes you, but increases the chances of healthy erections.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s helping people. Hearing feedback from people saying how meditation changed their life, or helped them to have better sex again, feels so rewarding. Meditation has profoundly changed my life for the better, so I just want to share it with as many others as possible.

What drew you to work with Mojo?

I think there’s a huge stigma around male mental health, and also people openly discussing sex. It can be debilitating for so many. So I was drawn towards an organization so committed to breaking down taboos about sex.

Having worked with Mojo for almost a year, I now talk about erections freely with anyone, and take some pleasure in watching the shocked faces that this can elicit in social situations. But the more we talk, the less these things fester in the background.

What’s your favorite Mojo course?

I might be a touch biased here, but the online guided meditations for erections would be my favorite. They give a great introduction into the world of meditation, as well as how it can improve your sex life. Spoiler alert – it’s my voice that you can hear on them.

More recently, I recorded Mojo’s guided meditations for sexual wellbeing, which you can find here

Where else can we find you? 

I’ve taught meditation to a variety of organizations, including the UK Parliament Digital Service, ClearScore, St Joseph’s Hospice, Ethic, Wildheart Media, Zaptic, Augmentive, and to many others in One-to-One Meditation classes. My online guided meditations have over 60,000 listens on different platforms, including Mojo.

Tell us something that not many people know about you...

I’ve been to 155 out of the world’s 195 countries, and hope to visit them all in my lifetime.

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