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Haneen Khan
Haneen Khan Sex & Relationship Coach, Embodiment Educator, Flirting Queen

Haneen Khan

Sex & Relationship Coach, Embodiment Educator, Flirting Queen

“I would love to have soft cocks normalized. It’s not a determinant of good sex AT ALL!”


years' experience

Qualifications 🏅

  • Internal Family Systems Level 1 accreditation 
  • Power of Embodied Transformation: Somatic Coaching
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Wheel of Consent 
  • Foundation Level Counselling & Psychotherapy accreditation 
  • Self-studied Tantra

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Q&A with Haneen Khan 

Haneen Khan

Sex & Relationship Coach, Embodiment Educator, Flirting Queen

Tell us a bit about you 

Lawyer-turned-sex-coach, I’m on a mission to bring unashamed authenticity in the bedroom and beyond. I’m obsessed with connecting to the body’s wisdom and believe that real intimacy happens when we risk rejection and allow ourselves to be truly seen.

After my “black sheep” days in the corporate world, I spent 2 years curating sensual theatre and play parties in London, which eventually led to the birth of my signature course, the “Sex Homework Society”.

The course breaks down the rigid performance and scripts we are trapped in, and invites you to experience sexuality on your own terms. It will empower you to artfully navigate your desires by learning to value the signals from your body and – most importantly – not abandon yourself. 

Trained in a blend of somatic coaching, sexology, wheel of consent, tantra, NVC, and Internal Family Systems Therapy, my approach is equal parts nerdy, playful, and heartfelt.

My natural superpowers include unapologetic silliness, curiosity, flirting skills, and converting people into 5-minute huggers. 

Where are you from?

London, but currently being a nomad in Mexico!

Tell us more about your role – what does your day look like?

I wake up in a charming Mexican town, find a coastal cafe, and order a smoothie bowl. I write out a newsletter busting myths in sex or how to flirt effortlessly (throwing in awkward personal anecdotes for good measure). 

I take a couple of 1:1 coaching calls – supporting clients to have the sex, dating, and relationship life they seek. This is rarely about technique, but more about relating to self  – exploring boundaries, communication, pleasure, consent, play etc.

I head out for a yummy vegan lunch and a walk in nature. 

I prep for a workshop, say on “What the F*ck are my Desires in Sex”, for my Sex Homework Society course. My creative process usually involves me dancing to music – that’s how inspiration comes to me! Or I might film a tongue-in-cheek video teaching everyone how to hug properly. 

In the evening, I might send out a few client emails and message collaborators on future projects, festivals, or retreats. 

In the evening? I wind down, I pleasure myself, I hang out with friends, I dance zouk. It’s funny how my business blurs into my personal life….makes sense given that my work is all about unashamed authenticity ;) 

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who was feeling body conscious in the bedroom? 

Look in the mirror naked everyday and smile. Compliment the areas of your body you love. There is so much shame lifted when we allow ourselves to be seen (in this sense, literally!). Physically caress the areas of your body that you feel insecure about. It invites you to feel kinder and more gentle towards this part.

What do you love most about your job?

How clients suddenly realise they have CHOICE in how they show up in their sexuality. They risk being seen, they speak for their desires, they discover a self-permission they never knew they had. I’ve had clients “beat the urge to call me straight after sex” when they finally experienced how to be comfortable with themselves during sex! 

What drew you to work with Mojo?

Initially introduced by a friend to the CEO, Angus, I was able to get a feel for the Mojo app. I love the user experience, how freakin’ impactful the content is, and the way it’s delivered in such a balanced way (with both nerdy theory and practical integration).

I’m such a fan of their mission: I would love to have soft cocks normalised. It’s not a determinant of good sex AT ALL! 

Where else can we find you?

  • Free Sex Fridays, where you can book a titillating appointment at my virtual sex and relationship office 
  • I appeared on Channel 4’s “Sex Actually” with Alice Levine 
  • You can join my “TMI” newsletters for awkward retellings & learnings of my sex life
  • You can also find my blog here 

Tell us something that not many people know about you...

My most embarrassing moment was when I had a head-on quad-biking collision with a cow in Peru. Yes, the cow was miraculously okay. But I was abruptly ejected from my seat, hurtling hard into the bushes. If only it had been filmed.

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