This is Mojo.

A community set up by us. 👇 Two cousins who one day decided to chat about something we had never spoken about before. To anyone. The struggles we’d been having with erections.

Never before has the saying a problem shared is a problem halved been so true. The relief that our experience didn’t make us weird, and that someone else had also had our (not so) absurd fears was indescribable. We could finally laugh about our shared panics, like believing that as young men we were going to live lives of sexless bachelorhood for the rest of our days.

But what we realised was that our stories were completely different. They had happened at different times in our lives, and for different reasons. And most importantly, we dealt with it differently.

We quickly found out that struggling to get it up was not as black and white as you’d think. There were so many reasons why it could happen, affected by so many different factors in a man’s life. And there was clearly a huge lack of understanding around it, meaning men just like us weren’t getting the help they needed.

When we started delving deeper into it, we discovered we had no idea of the extent of the problem. 30% of men by the age of 30 were experiencing a similar thing. And a shocking 75% of those weren’t getting treated.

But at the time, our home town of London was plastered with advertising for erection medication delivery services. Companies marketing themselves to young men, testifying that taking pills is not only normal, but the answer. A lifetime of blue pills? We found this worrying.

We knew something needed to be done. So we set out on a mission to help men in the way we’d have liked to be helped. It’s private and discrete. It’s completely lead by you. But most importantly, it is backed by experts who have seen this problem time and time again. We’ve teamed up with psychologists, urologists, physiotherapists and more to bring you an easy, natural, life-long solution to your problems.

Our Team

Georgie Adams

Georgie Adams Pelvic Health Physio

Pilates guru. Will often be found talking about sex and the pelvic floor at dinner parties.

Kevin Adom

Kevin Adom Social Manager

Loves training his body and mind for his mental wellbeing. Everything from long bike rides in the country to weekly therapy sessions.

Kwame Afriye

Kwame Afriye Product Designer

Always looking for a new vegan recipe or dreaming about living in Bali, but mostly good at making sure everything looks beautiful.

Dr Roberta Babb

Dr Roberta Babb Clinical Psychologist

She been working in the field for over 18 years. You might have seen her on BBC's Sex on the Couch. She enjoys wearing black, bringing people together, and organising events where people learn about themselves.

Angus Barge

Angus Barge Co-Founder

Not getting it up was the scariest experience of his life. But now he couldn't be more pleased it happened. Look who he gets to work with!

Ben Bidwell

Ben Bidwell Presenter & Life Coach

He has challenges around sex to thank for his development as a man. Open and honest, he’s here to dig deep into the important conversations.

Kim Camilleri

Kim Camilleri Public Relations

Loves exploring the world and experiencing new cultures. Even better on a bicycle. On a mission to find a home big enough for a Newfoundland doggo.

Dr Matthew Chan

Dr Matthew Chan Clinician Scientist & Innovator

When he’s not being an octopus juggling impact-driven professions, he’s energising himself shredding powder on the ski slopes or spinning tunes behind the DJ decks.

Anne Chilton

Anne Chilton Psychosexual Therapist

Has been a therapist for more than 40 years serving on the accreditation board of COSRT. She loves India and is determined to have the gap year she never took, two weeks at a time!

Jenny Constable

Jenny Constable Pelvic Health Physio

A pelvic pain and sexual function specialist. She is phased by nothing, loves her job and enjoys helping men gain control and confidence with their bodies.

Sean Delahay

Sean Delahay Film Maker

Giant man with a giant heart. Ethical film maker who loves all things wellness and meditation.

Xander Gilbert

Xander Gilbert Co-Founder

He thought he was broken until he realised there was something he could do about it. He feels back in control and can laugh at aubergine emojis again.

Obi Juwah

Obi Juwah Presenter Documentarian

Always up for new experiences and never afraid of being open and honest, this happy chappy has a lot he wants to say and a lot of things he wants to learn too.

Nic Kane

Nic Kane Film Director

Organisational powerhouse and story teller seeking out ethical projects and playful concepts.

Lewis King

Lewis King Web Developer

Used to build websites in rainy London. Now builds websites in sunny Thailand. It's the best thing he ever did for his mental health.

Aron Klein

Aron Klein Photographer

Indescribably talented. A wonderful human, happiest with his green fingers in the veg patch.

Stuart Regan

Stuart Regan Product Designer

Super talented designer working for some of Londons leading startups. At his happiest when surrounded by plants and fresh country air.

Grace Roche

Grace Roche Content Designer

An absolute wordsmith who meditates daily. Goes to therapy weekly. Knows more about erections than most men.

Dylan Salamon

Dylan Salamon Master Trainer & Nutritionist

The bendiest gym monkey London has to offer. He knows all things yoga and nutrition.

Silva Neves

Silva Neves Psychosexual Therapist

A clinical supervisor accredited by COSRT; and UKCP registered. He is an international speaker and he featured in the BBC programme Sex On The Couch. He loves cheese and chocolate, but not at the same time.

Morfo Peyiazis

Morfo Peyiazis Presenter Documentarian

Always going beyond the 9-5. You’ll probably catch her asking awkward questions to random strangers on the streets.

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