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A community set up by us. 👇 Two cousins who one day decided to chat about something we had never spoken about before. To anyone. The struggles we’d been having with erections.

Never before has the saying a problem shared is a problem halved been so true. The relief that our experience didn’t make us weird, and that someone else had also had our (not so) absurd fears was indescribable. We could finally laugh about our shared panics, like believing that as young men we were going to live lives of sexless bachelorhood for the rest of our days.

But what we realised was that our stories were completely different. They had happened at different times in our lives, and for different reasons. And most importantly, we dealt with it differently.

We quickly found out that struggling to get it up was not as black and white as you’d think. There were so many reasons why it could happen, affected by so many different factors in a man’s life. And there was clearly a huge lack of understanding around it, meaning men just like us weren’t getting the help they needed.

When we started delving deeper into it, we discovered we had no idea of the extent of the problem. 30% of men by the age of 30 were experiencing a similar thing. And a shocking 75% of those weren’t getting treated.

But at the time, our home town of London was plastered with advertising for erection medication delivery services. Companies marketing themselves to young men, testifying that taking pills is not only normal, but the answer. A lifetime of blue pills? We found this worrying.

We knew something needed to be done. So we set out on a mission to help men in the way we’d have liked to be helped. It’s private and discrete. It’s completely lead by you. But most importantly, it is backed by experts who have seen this problem time and time again. We’ve teamed up with psychologists, urologists, physiotherapists and more to bring you an easy, natural, life-long solution to your problems.

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