Overcome ED by mastering 5 areas of sexual wellbeing

Our daily exercises help you work on 5 key areas. Sexology research shows you need to address these areas to overcome psychological erection issues.

<check-bullets>Mojo works for all ages<check-bullets>

<check-bullets>No pills or appointments needed<check-bullets>

<check-bullets>Instant access to expert advice<check-bullets>

myself=Myself partner=My partner other=Other unanswered=Prefer not to say

I’m using Mojo for

18=18-19 20=20s 30=30s 40=40s 50=50s 60=60+

What's your age?

single=Single and dating not_dating=Single and not dating new_relationship=New relationship long_term=Long-term relationship undisclosed=Prefer not to say

What's your relationship status?


Mojo creates long-term results with behaviour change, not pills

<trust-bullets>85% of men overcoming ED helped in 2 weeks<trust-bullets>

<trust-bullets>Trusted by 70,000+ members<trust-bullets>

<trust-bullets>Recommended by licensed clinicians<trust-bullets>

straight=Straight gay=Gay bisexual=Bisexual pansexual=Pansexual figuring_out=Still figuring it out undisclosed=Prefer not to say

What's your sexuality?

maintain_erection=To get and maintain an erection increase_confidence=Increase my confidence better_in_bed=To be better in bed less_anxious=To feel less anxious undisclosed=I’m not sure

What’s your main goal?

yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you consider yourself to be fit and healthy?

yes=Yes no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Have you tried another solution before?

e.g. Viagra, sex therapy, penis pumps, or medicinal herbs
yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you relate to this statement?

“I feel confident in my sexual skills.”
yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you relate to this statement?

“During sex I’m constantly worrying whether I’m hard enough.”
yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you relate to this statement?

“I avoid sex because I worry about my performance.”
stress=Stress anxiety_depression=Anxiety or depression body_image=Body image issues abuse=Sexual or emotional abuse unsure=I'm not sure nothing=Nothing

What else currently affects your general mental health?


We’re here to help

<trust-bullets>Our program gets to the root cause of your issues<trust-bullets>

<trust-bullets>Removes reliance on pills and other short-term solutions<trust-bullets>

<trust-bullets>Includes tools for communication, intimacy, and stress management<trust-bullets>


What your program covers

ED 101

<yellow-tick>How you’ll get your erections back on track<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Performance anxiety<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Porn and masturbation habits<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Reset stress in the body<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Stretch and strengthen your pelvic floor<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Stop reacting to negative thoughts<yellow-tick>

Work on the root causes

<yellow-tick>Myth bust porn and other bad sex education<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Control your inner critic<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Masturbate your way to better erections<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Meditations for sexual wellbeing<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Sensate focus to make sex stress free<yellow-tick>

Sex and relationship skills

<yellow-tick>Engineer your arousal<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Boost your libido<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Fantasy training<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Sex skills for giving pleasure<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Manage relationship conflict<yellow-tick>
<yellow-tick>Rewrite the masculinity script<yellow-tick>

getting=Getting an erection keeping=Keeping an erection firmness=Erection firmness all=All of the above unsure=I'm not sure

What is your goal using Mojo?

lifelong=Lifelong acquired=Acquired unsure=I'm not sure

How long have you had ED?

Lifelong: ED present since you became sexually active.

Acquired: ED began after a period of normal sexual function.
nothing=Nothing, I’ve always had it break_up=A break up anxiety=Hookup anxiety injury=An injury cheating=Cheating porn=Porn other=Other unsure=I'm not sure

What triggered your erection issues?

always=Always specific_partner=Only with a specific partner specific_situation=Only in a specific situation specific_stimulation=Only with specific stimulation other=Other unsure=I'm not sure

When does your ED happen?

mild=Mild moderate=Moderate severe=Severe unsure=I'm not sure

How severe is your issue right now?

yes=Yes no=No maybe=Maybe unsure=I'm not sure

Do cultural or religious factors affect your erections?

e.g. attitudes toward sexuality, masturbation, pleasure, or sex

You’re in the right place

<trust-bullets>Effective no matter how long you’ve had ED<trust-bullets>

<trust-bullets>Backed by 60 years of clinical practice<trust-bullets>

<trust-bullets>Recommended by licensed clinicians<trust-bullets>

yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you relate to this statement.

“I think that having erection issues makes me less of a man”
yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you relate to this statement?

“Almost everything I know about sex comes from TV, movies, porn, or chatting with friends.”
yes=Yes somewhat=Somewhat no=No unsure=I'm not sure

Do you relate to this statement.

“A man who can’t sexually satisfy his partner is a failure”

Gain confidence

A little bit of quality sex education goes a long way. Our experts will make sure you have all the correct, helpful information to get hard with confidence.

during_sex=During sex during_foreplay=During foreplay hours_before=Hours before days_before=Days before weeks_before=Weeks before always=Always undisclosed=Prefer not to say

When do anxious thoughts about sex begin?

always=Always often=Often occasionally=Occasionally never=Never unsure=I'm not sure

How often are you stuck in your head during sex?

always=Always often=Often partner_wants=When my partner wants it occasionally=Occasionally unsure=I'm not sure

How often should sex include penetration?


You can be in control of any situation

Designed by sexologists, our guided audio exercises will rewire your mind so you can control stress, rehearse for sexual situations, and boost arousal.

yes=Yes no=No wtf=WTF is a pelvic floor? only_women=I thought that was only for women unsure=I'm not sure undisclosed=Prefer not to say

Do you exercise your pelvic floor?

always=Always often=Most of the time sometimes=Sometimes never=Never unsure=I'm not sure not_applicable=I don't masturbate undisclosed=Prefer not to say

How often do you watch porn while masturbating?

yes=Yes, I know what I like no=I switch it up unsure=I'm not sure not_applicable=I don't masturbate undisclosed=Prefer not to say

Do you always masturbate in the same way?


Easy to learn, effective exercises

Practice physical exercises that are designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles needed for erections.

yes=Yes no=No maybe=Maybe unsure=I'm not sure

Have you ever learned how to give and receive pleasure?

often=Very often sometimes=Sometimes not_often=Not very often unsure=I'm not sure

How often do you try something new during sex?

yes=Yes no_mix=No, I can mix it up no_want=No, but I want one unsure=I'm not sure

Do you rely on a go-to strategy to pleasure your partner(s)?


Impress sexual partners

Learn exercises and techniques to become better in bed so that you can be confident in your performance.

pleasure=Pleasure satisfy_partner=To satisfy my partner connection=Connection strengthen_relationship=To strengthen relationship unsure=I'm not sure other=Other

What’s the main reason you have sex?

yes=Yes no=No sometimes=Sometimes unsure=I'm not sure

Do you have critical thoughts about yourself before, during, or after sex?

e.g. “I know I’m not going to be able to get an erection tonight”

Stop overthinking

Our sex therapists will help you rewire any thoughts and beliefs that stand in the way of your erections.