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Mojo's video courses can help you and your partner understand and fix erection and ejaculation issues.

The Partner Portal introduces our course material on:

Communication - master talking about your issues before they happen.

Performance anxiety - understand how this condition works. You’ll also discover how to get the body out of ‘fight or flight,’ with:

- A breathing exercise for performance anxiety
- Mindful resensitisation techniques

Erotic templates - learn how to explore what you're into with your partner.

“After doing the section with my partner we had the best sex we have had in ages and he didn't even need the pills.” (Mojo User)

Communication: talk about issues before they happen

Whether it's a one night stand or something more serious, learning to communicate with a partner about erection issues can often be a solution to solving them.

Many people who use Mojo report that the communication skills they've learnt with us have been the key to great sex.


of men would rather break up with their partner than discuss their erection issues.

“I did it! I told a girl that I had problems getting it up before we had slept together. She said it wasn’t a big deal and sex sometimes hurt for her too... neither of us had trouble that night. I think because we spoke about it. Jason, 23, Boston

How to communicate more openly about sexual performance

Discover how communicating problems can be a real gamechanger when it comes to erection issues caused by anxiety.

What is performance anxiety?

It's the negative feelings a man holds about their ability to have sex. Becoming self-conscious or uncomfortable can make it impossible to get it up.

How it works

When we're anxious, our bodies think we’re in danger. They divert all the blood we have away from non-essential organs to the skeletal muscles and our brain function speeds up. We become hyper-aware and sensitive. You can see why both ED and PE are the common end result when our partner is feeling anxious.

When to talk about it

- Outside the bedroom, in a neutral setting.

- Don’t say: “You just need to relax”, this suggests that it’s his problem and his fault.

- Say: “I think we can have fun in loads of other ways” - Yes! Let the brainstorming begin.

Breathing exercise for anxiety

If your partner is feeling anxious before or during sex, try this exercise together.

It helps move our body away from the ‘fight or flight’ response, back to the ‘feed and breed’ system.

Mindful resensitisation exercise

A proven technique to help you and your partner reconnect with your bodies.

When you find yourself in a sexual situation, you'll have trained your mind to focus better on what's happening and enjoy the sensations of being with someone else.

This is especially good if either of you find that you get 'stuck in your head' during sex.

Partnered exercise

Erotic Templates

Mojo can help you and your partner communicate about a range of external issues that might be effecting your sex life. One of our courses explores the use of porn and how it can have both positive and negative effects on relationships.

Porn is adult entertainment and it means different things to people. Your partner may not have the same view of it that you do and that is fine. But it doesn’t always have to be a negative.

Watch Obi and Morf chat to Silva to get answers to all your questions - and bust a few myths while they’re at it.


of men in a study of 19 to 35 year olds found that giving up pornography helped cure their erection issues.