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Kate Moyle

Kate Moyle

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

“Mojo puts so much of what we are doing in the therapy room into practice, and offers an alternative way of accessing help for sexual challenges”


years' experience

Qualifications 🏅

  • BSc in: Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in: Integrative Psychosexual Therapy
  • Masters degree in: Relationship Therapy
  • EFS & ESSM certified as a: Psycho-sexologist

Affiliates 🤝

  • UK sex expert for: Lelo sex toys
  • Advisor to: Ferly sex app 
  • Co-founder of: The Thought House Partnership Therapy Practice

Q&A with Kate Moyle

Kate Moyle

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I provide psychotherapy for anyone struggling specifically with sexual and relationship difficulties and challenges. My aim is to help them get to place of sexual wellbeing, health and happiness – whatever that may look like for them.

I work with a biopsychosocial model and approach, which aims to understand the individual factors and relationship of biology, psychology, and social interactions that are playing a part in what’s going on for that person, and then addressing what they want to change.

Where are you from?

I grew up near Nottingham, but now consider myself a Londoner.

Tell us more about your role – what does your day look like?

I have my own private therapy practice in Central London where I see clients who want to focus on working on sexual difficulties, challenges, and whatever is going on for them around sex and relationships. The main focus of my work is this client work, but I also have a podcast called ‘The Sexual Wellness Sessions’ so I’m sometimes recording episodes or doing listen-throughs for edits. I also work with brands as a consultant for new product launches in the sex and relationships space, and I work a lot with the media to try and change the narratives around sexual wellbeing. So my days all tend to look quite different, and aside from my client work my schedule is pretty flexible.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know how to talk openly about sex with their partner?

Feeling uncomfortable about talking about sex with a partner, and not knowing how to have those conversations is much more common than the alternative. Open the discussion with your partner at a time when you aren’t about to have sex, you’re having sex, or you’ve just had sex. Frame the conversation positively, as otherwise (even if it isn’t intended to be) it can be received as criticism as it’s a sensitive subject. Talk about the things that you would like to do together, with a focus on the benefit for you both and your relationship. If you are struggling to know where to start then use something as a prompt, whether it’s both listening to a podcast episode, watching a Ted Talk, or using something like the question cards from ‘The School of Life’.

What do you love most about your job?

The ability to work with people to make changes in their lives which nobody else might see. So often, the challenges that people are experiencing in their sex lives and relationships can create a negative impact on other aspects of their life such as self-esteem, identity, body confidence, and relationships. Creating a shift in one area of someone’s life can really change things for them. It’s such a privilege to work with people on this part of their lives, and I never underestimate how much it sometimes takes to come and ask for that help. Therapy can be really hard and so being trusted to be in that process with someone is challenging but incredibly rewarding work.

What drew you to work with Mojo?

A large portion of my work and client base is working with men under 50 with erection difficulties in particular. I often see how much this can negatively impact people’s lives, relationships, and mental health. Mojo puts so much of what we are doing in the therapy room into practice, and offers an alternative way of accessing help for these challenges. As a therapist, I am the first to acknowledge that therapy isn’t for everyone, and isn’t a possibility for everyone for various reasons. So for me it’s important to have other routes to accessing help and advice – which is what I believe Mojo are doing. 

What’s your favorite Mojo course?

‘Tackling Performance Anxiety’. For me this is at the crux of what’s going on for so many men struggling with erection challenges. Even if the dysfunction is organic in nature, we have to approach sexual problems with a biopsychosocial approach in order to fully work with them. As humans, we also have something called meta-cognition which is where we think about our thoughts. So when it comes to sex, we can see how easy it is to create anxieties, and in psychosexual therapy this is an important cycle to try and help people to break.

Where else can we find Kate Moyle? 

I'm the host of The Sexual Wellness Sessions Podcast.

Tell us something that not many people know about you...

I am really clumsy so there is an entire catalogue of embarrassing moments that I’ve found myself in. 

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