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We provide men and their partners with expert support and video courses.

Our content is created by our team of word-class professionals in men's sexual and mental wellbeing.

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Key psychosexual tools that every psychotherapist should have

2 CPD Points 40 GBP

Facilitated by COSRT-accredited and UKCP-registered psychosexual and relationship therapist Silva Neves. Specialising in EMDR therapy, compulsive sexual behaviours and trauma.

Most therapists report feeling uncomfortable talking to clients about their sex lives because traditional psychotherapy does not cover this essential skill. We aim to bridge the gap in this CPD training which covers:

Common sexual difficulties that clients present with, essential knowledge about gender, sexuality and relationship diversity, common psychosexual methods you can employ with your clients, exploring your own sexual and relationship biases.

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Access to:

-expert tutorials and video on a range of psychosexual issues

-clinically proven exercises and techniques

-mindfulness exercises for specific sexual issues

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Use the clinically-proven exercises and techniques as part of the support you give your clients. Our content can help your clients and their partners with a range of specific sexual issues, including:

-erectile dysfunction, close to 3/5 men in the USA have suffered from this

-premature ejaculation, experienced by between 30% and 40% of men

-delayed ejaculation, affects around 10% of men

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