Mindful Masturbation – Partnered

4 mins

This exercise will help you lower your anxiety around your partner’s body.

  • This exercise will help your brain focus on ‘touch’ as a source of arousal.
  • Try to spend 4 minutes doing this exercise a few times per week.
  • You’ll need an uninterrupted block of time where you won’t be disturbed.
  • You’re going to take it in turns with your partner to be ‘the toucher’ and ‘the touched.’
  • The goal is not to be aroused or to have a sexual experience.
  • There is to be no touching of the genitals, breasts or chest.

When you’re the toucher, it’s important to remember that you’re touching for your own pleasure – not for the pleasure of your partner. This is not a massage. Try to focus on the temperature of your skin, the pressure of your touch and the texture of where you’re touching. Think: TPT.

Partnered exercise